9 Reasons Why Blogging Nowadays Is Trending To The Students

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Students and blogging are always interesting topics.

The latest statistics show that the world saw a huge entry of students into the blogging and marketing field.

Blogging has been around for more than a decade. Yet, it continues to be one of the most powerful ways to generate leads and build an online community that keeps businesses top-of-mind with customers.

But why is it so?

Why is it that an area of complete content creation appears fascinating, even for the average student?

Why is blogging a trending topic among students? Why are students interested in this completely online industry?

To answer these questions properly, there is a need to dig deep into some factors that played behind this emotion.

What is blogging?

Blogging is the process of publishing informative or entertaining articles online through a medium such as a website. It is the act of creating content on a regular basis, often including personal thoughts and opinions.

It is popular in both personal and professional circles because it allows for creativity within restrictions that may not be there in other forms of writing.

I must admit that over the years, blogging has become more complex than ever. But once the dust settles in and with the gain of proper knowledge, it would not be an impossible task anymore.

Why blogging has become more popular nowadays

Because it is so easy to get started, acts as a promising income source (sometimes yielding income more than one’s primary job does) and is a great tool for marketing.

Goggle trends data on blogging in USA
Google Trends data on the search term ‘blogging’ in the United States

Marketers see a blog as ‘money printing machine’, as it has the ability to drive crazy amount of leads, sales, and conversions that other medium simply fails at accomplishing. This too adds to the sudden boom of the field.

Goggle trends data on blogging worldwide
Google Trends data on the search term ‘blogging’ worldwide.

Why blogging is nowadays trending to the students

Blogging has seen a huge upgrowth within the last few years, students contributing to 50% of it.

Blogging has become a trending subject for students all across the world, irrespective of age or gender. It had gained a special attraction and has successfully secured a place in their hearts, often helping them in various ways in different fields.

Below, we will go into detail some of the reasons why blogging is trending among students, especially nowadays:

1.Blogging is a good income source for students

Every single student, no matter how rich their parents or guardians are, is always dreaming and is working to make money.

With the development of technology and the Internet, making money online by blogging has become easier than ever. Students looking for extra income, a bit more pocket money to spend on things they like, or in the plan of starting a side hustle have understood the power of blogging.

To pay their education fee, or to buy the gadget of their choice, they would not have to ask their parents for the funds, and at times can even support their families financially.

Blogging, when especially combined with affiliate marketing, is a money-making, all-capable monster. This is one of the main reasons why students are attracted to this idea.

2.Having a blog is fun and amzing

Yes, having a blog and managing it is a very entertaining process. Even though it may be hard to become successful, it IS NOT hard to write and publish new content.

Creating great content, coming up with ideas, learning new stuff, making the first affiliate sale…these are something worth experiencing at least once in life.

Contributing to other websites and establishing relationships with other bloggers can also be added here.

3.Students find blogging a great tool for self-expression

Sometimes, schools and colleges terribly fail at hosting stages for self-expression, where blogging wins this with a huge lead.

The upward movement of blogging among students has got something to do with this: it lets them share their thoughts and opinions with a humungous audience.

A blog or website is a great tool to open one’s mind to the world… Under pen names, students are even raising their voices against corruption in politics and crimes without the need to feel fearful.

4.Blogging is easy to start, especially for students

Students nowadays, are having a lot of free time and are spending most of their evenings at home.

What has this got to do with the trending of blogging nowadays to the students?

Thanks to open-source projects such as WordPress, being a blogger takes less than an hour.

With the coming of the platform WordPress, the largest and most widely used Content Management System (CMS) in the world, creating a website is like turning the pages of a book.

Reddit, Quora, and even GitHub allow people in publishing articles on their platforms centered on various topics.

Blogging demands just a laptop and a little space, which most students have in plenty, making them able to create a whole business just by sitting at home.

5.Blogging helps in improving academic skills

Blogging, which was once considered a hobby for tech-savvy people and geeks, has now become mainstream. Blogging helps students develop their critical thinking and writing skills, and the most popular blogs are widely read by everyone.

Research shows that blogging can help improve student grades significantly. It encourages students to think critically about their opinions, make connections between different ideas, use evidence to support their claims, improve vocabulary usage through regular reading of blogs by other writers, and more.

Most importantly, blogging is seen as an excellent way for young people to understand how social media works in today’s world.

6.Running a blog is affordable for even for poor students

Blogging has become more and more inexpensive over the years. As a result, even students who have not got a job or permanent work to do can still pay for the basic requirements like hosting and buying a domain name.

Demanding such poor capital, it can even be used to start a whole business online. Trends show that businesses owning websites make double the sales than those which do not, because of the ability to reach a wider audience from all around the world.

Thus, students, especially those having low money in their hands, love the idea of running a blog, not only to make a side income but also to become more engaged as seen below.

7.Blogging keeps students busy and engaged

Time is the real wealth and the most important aspect.

With a lot of free time available, students have learned to utilize it very well. Blogging as a hobby is one such way to accomplish this.

Instead of feeling bored anymore, students gain knowledge on various topics depending on their blog niche and learn new information every day.

Blogging can refresh their minds after long hours of studying or can be used as a break from their education.

Students frequently feeling bored are turning slowly into the world of blogging to creatively utilize their leisure periods, as well as establishing their own world online.

Yet another factor that played behind for blogging trending among students nowadays.

8.Social media is becoming boring day by day

Social media has become an inseparable part of life, even for adults, let alone students.

However, with daily use, social media including Facebook and Instagram have become more boring than ever. Students, always enthusiastic and in search of new adventures, have turned into the blogging field so as to fill this space.

Students have also realized the amount of time they are wasting in front of such useless platforms, and are trying to make sure it would not happen anymore in the future.

Not only this is is helping them enjoy a life with less influence of social media, but is also becoming a path for them to detach from social media addiction.

Blogging has gained a lot of attraction regarding this benefit and has almost become a replacement in place of scrolling endlessly within apps like Twitter and Facebook.

9.COVID-19 and lockdowns had a huge impact

The sudden coming of this Coronavirus disease affected everyone around the world, irrespective of age.

Students, who usually went to colleges and schools almost all days of a week, had to keep themself locked in their rooms until the pandemic was controlled up to some extent.

Many of them made use of this rather displeasing time to upskill themselves, mainly online. Many enrolled in new courses, mastered new areas, while some got into freelancing and even landed on random jobs from different parts.

Perfect time for blogging to come knocking on their door! Searching for new things to immerse and educate themselves online, they opened this door welcomingly to arrive at a whole new world of content creation and communication.

Read to know more about how the COVID 19 pandemic changed the education of students forever.

Infograpgic on why blogging is trending among students

The importance of blogging for students

Why blogging is important for students? Because it nourishes the mind and engages students in this fast-paced boring life.

Why should students blog?

As a student, you probably have one thing in common with others of your kind: The pressure to succeed. You might be an aspiring doctor, lawyer, or engineer, but at the same time, you must also follow the many bureaucratic steps required to graduate. It’s hard to juggle both school and extracurricular activities. However, blogging can help you out by giving you something else to focus on – and it doesn’t even require that much time!

Success is not fnal; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

Winston Churchill, former Prime Mininster of the United Kingdom

Blogging is just like any other form of writing. It’s a language that students may find easy to learn but tough to master. And even if one is not a blogger, it can be useful to understand the basics of what makes for good content and how people perceive your writing online.

Advantages and disadvantages of blogging for students

As in everything, blogging has both pros and cons. Some of the merits and demerits of having a blog as a student are listed below:

Advantages of blogging for students:

  • Acts as a good income source
  • It is a good side hustle
  • Helps students in improving academic skills
  • Improves vocabulary and language
  • Makes students spend time more creatively
  • Helps in social media detoxification

Disadvantages of blogging for students:

  • Blogging is time consuming
  • Education and/or academics with blogging might be tedious to manage at the same time
  • Requires dedication and patience (at times harder than being the topper)
  • May interfere with the studies in a negative manner
  • Requires seating in front of a laptop for hours, which may lead to various physical and mental health problems

How to start a blog as a student

Starting a blog as a student is no different than anyone simply starting to blog. There are various blogging platforms out there like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, and the free platform Blogger from Google, with WordPress being the most powerful and customizable.

Steps to start a blog:

  1. Signup with a powerful hosting provider such as Bluehost
  2. Choose any hosting plan of your choice, shared hosting being the most affordable.
  3. Enter the domain name for your website to get it for free.
  4. Choose the hosting plan period.
  5. Checkout at BlueHost.
  6. Install WordPress from your hosting dashboard just by a single click.
  7. Your blog is ready. Start writing!

Final words and conclusion

Within this post, we have analyzed and gone deep into answering the question of why blogging is trending at present to the students.

The power and potential within blogging have attracted not only students but millions worldwide like a magnet.

It is also notable of the effect the COVID-19 pandemic had on people worldwide including the students.

Blogging is a great way for students to keep track of their thoughts and ideas. It also helps them improve their writing skills. With the many benefits that blogging offers, it’s no wonder it has become so popular with today’s generation of students. If you are a student, why not start your website now? You can get easily started with platforms like BlueHost.

This article took a lot of effort and time for researching and writing. Sharing it would be a great way to make me happy. In the meantime, leave your comments and thoughts on the topic below.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)

How do you teach students to blog?

You can teach anyone to be a blogger simply by letting them write. Blogging is writing, but not on a paper or chart, but writing online.

What are the benefits of blogging to students?

It helps them in various areas like in the improvement of language and development of linguistic skills, and also makes it possible for students to learn something offtopic from their regular education.

How do you write a good blog post?

Proper knowledge of the language and a bit of research of the topic or niche one is going to publish is enough for this.

When did blogging become popular among people?

Blogging is a form of content marketing that has been around for over a decade. In fact, according to a 2016 report from Technorati, the number of blogs in existence is now greater than the number of websites, which was estimated at 1 billion in 2011.

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