14 Best Webinar Affiliate Programs With High Commissions In 2021

Best webinar affiliate programs

Webinars have seen huge growth over the last few years. All over the world, businesses have found out the power of webinars in driving sales and leads, let alone visitors.

Website owners, businesses, services….whoever you can think of can benefit from hosting webinars. Reaching out to a mass audience through a simple video conferencing system has changed the way marketing worked!

All this means one thing: this is the perfect and the most suitable time to promote WEBINAR platforms!

Webinar affiliate programs are a great way to earn money online, but finding the right program that pays you the highest commission can be hard. In this article, I list 14 of the best affiliate programs in the webinar niche according to their payouts, ease of joining, online traffic, and conversion rates.

I also go into detail about commission rates and cookie length which plays a vital role when it comes to more profits and conversions.

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Best webinar affiliate programs of 2021

  1. WebinarJam
  2. Clickmeeting
  3. MyLeadSystemPRO
  4. Live Webinar
  5. WebinarNinja
  6. EverWebinar
  7. Zoho Meeting
  8. Demio
  9. EasyWebinar
  10. Livestorm
  11. Bluejeans by Verizon
  12. GoTo Meeting
  13. Crowdcast
  14. Bigmarker


Details: High ticket webinar affiliate program with 40% commission

One of the most powerful all-in-one webinar platforms, WebinarJam is quite probably the most famous webinar provider out there. Email integrations, free and unlimited hosting, mobile responsive pages, polls, and surveys, this is indeed an all-in-one platform.

WebinarJam’s affiliate program cares for its affiliates, providing 40% recurring commissions on each sale + banners, social media swipes, and much more materials you can use on the go to spread the word.

Being the most advanced webinar software out there, being their affiliate is a game-changer. They have strict policy and terms of service, but it can be just easily followed and you are all set.

Go to WebinarJam’s affiliate page


Details: Massive 120 days cookie life and dedicated affiliate manager

ClickMeeting delivers what it promises, and the promises are definitely big ones. ClickMeeting has a powerful and easy-to-use webinar system, which is perfect for entrepreneurs as well as beginners.

ClickMeeting’s webinar affiliate program is a high ticket program, and it itself is packed with a lot of features. Some great benefits of being an affiliate for ClickMeeting includes:

  • Uncapped Commissions
  • Up to $515 for each sale
  • Huge cookie duration of 120 days
  • Dedicated affiliate manager

ClickMeeting runs its affiliate program through the Commission Junction(CJ) affiliate network, which is simply amazing that you must be a part of it already being an affiliate marketer yourself.

Have a look at Clickmeeting


Details: Referral bonus ($200) plus recurring payouts (about $150)

The name may sound weird but the software definitely is not. MyLeadSystemPRO is simply something more than a webinar provider, they are the warehouse of marketing stuff. All sorts of training, solutions, and cool software are packed to MyLeadSystemPRO which makes it all solid and reliable.

What’s great about being an affiliate marketer for MyLeadSystemPRO is that they completely do the sale for you, even when your referrals say NO. Don’t believe me? Here’s what one of their affiliates have to say:

I’ll never forget after an MLSP webinar I saw that I made $500! Because of our experience with MLSP we have made hundreds of thousands of dollars. The biggest impact is that feeling of having them make sales for us!”

Ryan McMorris

Again, the commissions are really big, I am telling you!

Join MLSP’s referral program

4.Live Webinar

Dashboard of LiveWebinar

Details: 30% commission with a lifetime cookie duration

LiveWebinar is one of my favorite webinar and virtual conferencing platform. Offering an affiliate program with lifetime cookie, it is one of the best that you have got on this list. As LiveWebinar’s affiliate partner, you get access to a dedicated affiliate assistant and tons of promotional materials like blog articles, banners, and email templates to make your work easy.

Benefits of LiveWebinar:

  • Personalized customization
  • Renewed commissions
  • Extra bonuses
  • Multilevel commission
  • Individual approach
  • Ready to use assets

LiveWebinar is a big word in the webinar world. So promoting this program should not be that hard, considering the brand’s popularity.

NB: Please note that in order to signup as an affiliate, you must at least have the pro plan (But why!?).

Join LiveWebinar’s affiliate program


Webinarninja affiliate program details

Details: 30% renewing commissions (about $28.50 for the lowest plan)

If there was one webinar software you can rely on and trust with your eyes closed, it’s WebniarNinja. Covering A-Z services a video conferencing platform can offer, WebinarNinja is absolutely a rare beast.

WebinarNinja likes their affiliates, which I am certain of and have experienced myself. All the promotional materials including videos, images, whole email newsletters, and embeds are so well crafted that one finds it so hard to navigate away from!

It’s got all the features you need to host truly engaging webinars and turn attendees into customers, which is great for affiliate marketing!

Become an affiliate for WebinarNinja


Details: 40% recurring payment with a 2 tier system

EverWebinar is a video conferencing solution platform that allows users to set up and host webinars on their websites. They also provide support for multiple languages and supports all major browsers.

OK, they copied WebinarJam’s partner page, but that is not what matters to us. As expected, this high ticket webinar affiliate program is just great and you can easily start by signing up and sharing your affiliate links.

Visit Everwebinar’s partner page

7.Zoho Meeting

Details: Customers get a $100 Zoho wallet balance + 90-day cookie life

Zoho meeting is a secure online meeting solution that lets people work together more efficiently from all parts of the world. Simple to use and scalable, Zoho is easily affordable and there is no hidden pricing structure which is a popular marketing strategy among such products.

Coming with a long 90-day cookie life, Zoho also provides marketing materials that can turn visitors into customers. What I like the best about Zoho is that Zoho awards people who have joined through your affiliate link with a %100 free credit on their account! Hurray!

Benefits of this particular webinar affiliate program include:

  • A dedicated team to help you win
  • URL builder tool
  • Full tracking and analytic dashboard
  • Free and large collection of promo materials
  • Customizable links to any Zoho page

Start promoting Zoho


Demio video conferencing dashboard

Details: 30% lifetime commission and affiliate support

Another big guy in the webinar realm. Well begun is half done, and this is exactly what Demio offers. One can even out a logo and brand call-to-action button which is not so popularly seen among other webinar services, with screen sharing options included. Demio has got other products in their store too.

With membership prices ranging from$74 to $1965 for annual sales, affiliates are in for a real treat. What makes Demio stand among other webinar affiliate programs is that they have so-called ‘promotion ideas where they tell you the best methods you can use to promote Demio.

In case you are stuck somewhere, Demio has got an enthusiastic customer support staff at their end to help you even write entire blog posts or cold emails.

Become a partner for Demio


Details: 30% recurring payout for all successful sales

The name says it all: EasyWebinar is the easiest to use virtual conferencing and meeting solution currently on the market.

Probably it is the one that is the most featured too: famous names like Business Insider, The Huffington Post, and Entrepreneur are quite fond of EasyWebinar, and you can imagine how amazing the product is going to be.

If you are really looking for affiliate programs on webinar platforms, you should be a part of EasyWebinar. It has got a lot of features you would not find anywhere else:

  • Opportunities to earn more
  • Guaranteed bonuses & perks
  • Energizing team
  • Lots of ready to use resources

Go to EasyWebinar’s partner page


Details: 20% recurring commission on each sale

LiveStorm is a video conferencing software that is used by famous companies like Pipe Drive and InstaPage. This tells you all about the authority of LiveStorm. A/B split testing, automated emails, built-in social sharing, website widget embeds, they have got it all well secured in their hands.

Users can get started for free without even submitting their credit card information. So if you are trying to get more conversions and leads, LiveStrom is the way to go.

Besides this, there is not much on their affiliate page. But from what I heard, they are ready to get you to the top level in affiliate marketing.

Have a look at their affiliate page

11.BlueJeans by Verizon

Details: Excellent rates with a 90-day cookie life

I don’t know why they named the platform BlueJeans which has got nothing to do with any kind of jeans, but what they have in store is really amazing.

Virtual meetings, webinars, live events, other video conferencing solutions, BlueJeans has even partnered with Microsoft Teams to provide a top-notch experience for their customers.

Bluejeans is stop shopping for affiliates. If you can’t find a product to sell, check out the Blue Jeans partner program. They have a lot of great products!

Signup for BlueJeans affiliate program

12.GoTo Meeting

Details: Straight forward $100 per order, 45 days lasting cookie duration

GoTo Meeting houses a lot of products including a worldwide connecting software. Powered by advanced technology and servers, the entire website and products are built on a cloud server.

GoTo Meeting offers a flat 100 dollars for each signup, and the cookie lasts around 45 days. Not much, but still a solid choice.

Go to GoTo Meeting


Details: 25% monthly commission for the first 3 years

Another very big buddy we have here. Crowdcast.com is a webinar and live video streaming platform that is simple and easy to use, even for people who aren’t particularly tech-savvy. It provides users with all they would ever need to run a webinar, from scratch.

The best part about Crowdcast is that you don’t have to link to their homepage for affiliate sales. Just link to one of their blog posts with your affiliate ID at the right end and it still tracks the sales just perfectly.

This feature is really great that I wish every affiliate program had such a custom link option that works.

Become an affiliate for Crowdcast


Bigmarker online meeting features

Details: 50% of the first month’s payment + minimum $10 withdrawal

BigMarker is another video streaming and conferencing software – online meeting solution that allows you to create, share and annotate presentations with your team. Features include completely browser-based non-downloadable software that runs in the cloud.

Trusted by companies like Google and Nielsen, BigMarker lets you automate the entire process, has interactive video classrooms, and is integrated with the platforms we use every day.

Coming to the affiliate part, BigMarker has a free 7-day trial that can be used to capture leads. Referrals get 50% of the first month’s payment. The minimum withdrawal limit is just $10 which can be withdrawn after 10 days of the purchase.

Signup as a referral for BigMarker

Why promote webinar affiliate programs?

You just saw it. The potential for businesses to grow that webinars have hidden underneath answers it. As you may have already noticed, webinar affiliate programs offer commission rates which are pretty high than the industry average.

With the sudden upsurge and popularity of webinars, now is the perfect opportunity for affiliate marketers to benefit from this ‘popularity.

Webinar is a great, no-pressure way to show people your products and services. The demand for virtual conferences has grown so much that it cannot be separated from running any business, let it be online or offline.

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Final Verdict

It’s simple to become an affiliate for webinar platforms, but not all webinar affiliate programs are created equal. To earn the highest payouts possible, you need access to the best webinar programs available.

Since that is taken care of, what remains is YOUR part.

I see people so enthusiastically reading but none takes any action. So I am telling you again: TAKE ACTION. It works way better than sitting drinking a hot coffee hoping for the good.

Join Wealthy Affiliate. It’s free, and you even get to build a completely free website at zero cost. The only reason I am able to make a steady online income is just because of WA.

I hope this article helped you as much as I wanted it to be. In the meantime, leave a comment too!

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Frequently asked questions

What is a webinar?

A webinar is an online meeting that is conducted for collaborating work and presentations from all over the world.

What are the best webinar affiliate programs?

Clickmeeting, LiveWebinar, Zoho, and EverWebinar are some of the well-known affiliate programs among webinar software.

How do you become a webinar affiliate?

Signup through the form on the specific website you want to join as an affiliate and start sharing links.