7 best Wealthy Affiliate alternatives to try as of 2021


Wealthy Affiliate has grown up to become one of the most successful platforms that have been created to help affiliate marketers all around the world. It revolutionized the way people looked at how things worked in the world of making money online.

However, just because one program is known well doesn’t mean it may be a good fit for everyone. This is where Wealthy Affiliate alternatives step in.

So what are the best alternatives to Wealthy Affiliate? I have compiled a list of some that I thought would do the job.

The best thing is all of them are just good as WA!

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What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that was created in 2005 by Kyle and Carson to help affiliate marketers to succeed. The main goal of the company is to make earning online a lot easier for everyone, including promoting affiliate products.

Started as a small company, the site has grown to become one of the largest affiliate marketing training programs and has helped more than 5 million peoples all across the world to live their dream life.


Not only training for marketers, WA also provides hosting, domain, and more than 10,000 free courses on SEO, blogging, and website monetization.

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Best Wealthy Affiliate alternatives in 2021

If you still haven’t found WA to be attractive, it’s better to quit it and search for another program.

Competitors have grown, and now there are more than a thousand websites like Wealthy Affiliate which offer the same content with a massive value for their users in every aspect.

But finding the best one from the above-mentioned is really a tedious task. Therefore, from my own experience, I have compiled a list of some awesome Wealthy Affiliate alternatives to try:

1.Super Affiliate System by John Crestani

If there was one true alternative to Wealthy Affiliate, that I would really take, it’s this one.

Super Affiliate System was created by John Crestani, a well-known internet, and digital marketer. The course covers all aspects of marketing, and how to automate the whole thing to generate passive income.

It was made in a way that it fits all needs of the users, and the best thing is that it is a perfect choice for beginners as well as advanced users.



  • Completely free to join
  • Perfect for beginners as well as advanced
  • No risk of spending money
  • Virtual masterclass
  • Do not require any experience
  • Step by step approach


  • None

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2. Affilorama

One of the largest affiliate marketing community and training websites on the internet. Affilorama has made people discover the freedom of earning money online.

Inbuilt tools, 120+ video lessons, and the all-in-one guide makes Affilorama a great source. All this are free to access, and paid plans are available if you want to upgrade.


  • Lessons of great quality
  • Availability of video classes
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Innovative interface
  • Both free and paid plans awesome


  • Some resources are not good
  • Forum not much useful

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3. Commission Hero

Created by the world’s number one ClickBank seller Robby Blanchard, this is one of the best alternatives to Wealthy Affiliate.

Commission Hero is a masterpiece, and it may be also mentioned that it focuses more on teaching tactics that are used by Robby himself which made him millions of dollars.

The best part is no experience is required for using Commission Hero, and imagine making an extra $1000 a day, which I believe would almost change the way one lives.


  • Focuses on PPC
  • Market research studies
  • Excellent tutor
  • Live webinars


  • Not useful for blogging
  • Does not provide video classes
  • Webinar teaching
  • Paid ads may require some output

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4. Affiliate courses from Udemy

Udemy is an excellent source for any training, including affiliate marketing. Housing more than 1000+ free and paid courses on the topic, Udemy is the best fit if you are tight on budget or want to access multiple courses from the same platform.

I myself use Udemy every single day, and I must appreciate the efforts they have put into making it a must-have solution for everyone and the awesome customer experience offered.

For beginners to advanced, it has all sorts of training available, including classes on email marketing and availability resource notes from the creators. However, it may not be a complete replacement for Wealthy Affiliate, as it does not focus on interactive teaching.

Still, I find this better than Wealthy Affiliate at many times.

These are some of the best courses on affiliate marketing offered by Udemy:

  1. ClickBank Success: Affiliate Marketing without a website
  2. Alex Genadinik’s Affiliate Hour video tutorial


  • Good if you are on a tight budget
  • Huge collection
  • Resource notes
  • Includes materials on SEO, blogging, and even on setting up an online store


  • Finding the perfect one is a tedious task
  • Confusing to choose
  • Low-value content ( rarely)
  • Not a perfect Wealthy Affiliate substitute

5. Lurn

An innovative, powerful and value-rich Wealthy Affiliate alternative. That is what Lurn is.

Covering digital marketing, website traffic generation, copywriting, Facebook ad promotion, email marketing strategies, and much more, Lurn is very similar to Wealthy Affiliate. At some points, Lurn is actually better than Wealthy Affiliate and manages to do the job perfectly.

Highly teamed, and experienced coaches are a specialty that Lurn offers on top of other choices. Not to mention that the company is managed by a group of entrepreneurs.

Both free and paid coaching is available on a wide variety of topics including business growth hack and financial freedom.


  • Managed by entrepreneurs
  • Highly trained staff
  • Great customer interaction
  • Very very similar to WA


  • Teaches unwanted stuff
  • Covers many topics, that is, too general
  • Email newsletter does not provide much value

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6. Income school’s youtube channel

A completely free substitution for WA is the YouTube channel Income School.

The guys behind Income school reveal all the tactics and strategies they use to create an awesome niche website, how to earn from affiliate marketing, and how to find great marketing ideas.

Started by Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler, the channel currently has 162k subscribers when I am writing this. It had grown popular among people and has seen a good upsurge in the last few months.

Know the exact methods entrepreneurs and high-earning people use to make money online, all for free. This is why I love YouTube channels! Passive income is made easy with such great resources.

Here is one of Income Schools’s popular videos:

7. 12 Minute Affiliate System

Another great choice among Wealthy Affiliate alternatives.

12 Minute Affiliate system works a little bit differently. Instead of focusing on teaching marketing and affiliate tactics, it uses its own completely- automated system to do the job for you.

This means that 12 Minute Affiliate System is a great option if you want to save time, effort, and money. It automates the sales and if combined with minimal effort from the user’s side, the yield would be invaluable.

And to tell more about it, they have created a fantastic automation system to track, manage, and make affiliate sales, and the excellent done-for-you sales funnels just add to the bonus.

The great thing is that with just a $9.95, you can start your adventure with 12 MAS, which make sit an excellent budget friendly program out there.


  • Completely automated system
  • Less effort, time and expenditure
  • Budget friendly
  • Suitable for both beginners as well as advanced
  • Just $9.95 to start


  • Much less training compared to others
  • Lacks customer support
  • Requires a small setup for starting

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And with that, we have come to an end. Still, I wanted to mention these Wealthy Affiliate alternatives too:

Honorable Mentions

8. Authority Hacker’s Project 24

This list would never be complete unless Authority Hacker’s website is mentioned. A very good Wealthy Affiliate alternative, but did not find its way into the primary collection as it is a bit overpriced.

All their trainings work, I know it, still they take double the amount of money out of your pocket compered to others, including WA.

Feel free to have a look at them, they also offer some free training. If you find you can afford it, do as your mind tells.

Go to Authority Hacker

9. Dot Com Secrets- Ebook by Russel Brunson

This is not a program or site, but know what, a super quality book with all the actions and punches packed in it! Created by Russell Brunson, the world’s No.1 affiliate marketer, this book is a must-have collection.

Why not go for an Book if it offers the same stuff?!

I myself have read it, and coming from a World famous Entrepreneur and CEO of the famous landing page and sales funnels builder ClickFunnels, you can expect the value it provides.

Go from a noob to an advanced level marketer, and the Dot Com Secrets is one of the most powerful weapons you can ever have to achieve that!

To those who wonder, I did not add it to the list of Wealthy Affiliate alternatives as it is a book rather than a course provider.

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There are also other substitutes for WA which I haven’t mentioned such as

Phew, what a long read! With that, we finally come to an end.

By now, we have seen different affiliate platforms which are excellent replacements for Wealthy Affiliate.

As said above, most of them offer video lessons, course materials, personalised provisons, coaching on marketing , and stuff that is similar to what you get from Wealthy Affiliate.

We even saw a Book and a YouTube channel make its way into the list.

However, note that, unlike WA, these platforms do not provide hosting and domain registration. So I would simply recommend taking affiliate marketing training from them, and then going for a good web host like BlueHost or HostGator to host your website.

Why go for Wealthy Affiliate alternatives

Admit it, not every platform is good for everyone. This applies in the case of Wealthy Affiliate too.

Some of the reasons to quit Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Community style interaction may get boring
  • Accessing courses requires a membership
  • High-cost plans may not be budget-friendly
  • Needs more improvement here and there
  • The site you get with the free plan is not worth it
  • Cannot switch the hosting provider

Still, I must admit that Wealthy Affiliate is too good to have a perfect competitor. Kyle and Carson have done an excellent job on the platform which made it an absolutely amazing source for affiliate marketing training.

Benefits of Wealthy Affiliate over it’s alternatives:

  • Availability of an awesome community
  • Inbuilt hosting and domain services
  • In-depth video lessons
  • Direct contact with the CEO ( Kyle)

Nothing is completely perfect, and this applies to the case of WA too. If you want to go for any Wealthy Affiliate alternative, just go for it. That is better than spending any more time looking for other solutions as I have already outlined the good ones.

What to do now

Take action! Yes, you have already seen some of the best Wealthy Affiliate alternatives, now the only thing that is left is to try them out.

I do not guarantee that they may work for you, but if combined with efforts, success is right at the footstep. Also, try multiple sites at once. This may help in finding the suitable one for yourself.

Remember, time is the most important and valuable asset. If you are planning to do something, do it now, not tomorrow or next week!

If you are still confused, I recommend going for Super System, Affilorama, or the 12 Minute System. Also, make sure to find time to read the Dot Com Secrets.

Explore with Udemy after you choose anyone ( or two! ) of the above mentioned. A lot of courses on other subjects are also available there.


Wrapping up

Congragulations on keeping up with me.

Financial freedom is required to lead a good life. Making money online with affiliate marketing is one of the easiest yet effective ways to accomplish that. As you may understand, this requires proper knowledge and training.

This is where platforms such as Wealthy Affiliate and Wealthy Affiliate alternatives takes the matter from our hands. They help us to reach that goal of having finanical freedom.

As we see, the best Wealthy Affiliate alternatives as of 2021 are :

  1. Super Affiliate System
  2. Affilorama
  3. Commission Hero
  4. Courses from Udemy
  5. Lurn
  6. Income School
  7. 12 Minute Affiliate System

You may choose any one of the above as you like, and proceed with the exciting adventure.

Also, do not forget to choose a good hosting provider such as BlueHost or HostGator as built-in hosting integration is not available with these.

Thanks for reading. Wishing you all the success in your exciting journey that is yet to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one affiliate training platform that aims to help people get better at affiliate marketing.

What are the best wealthy Affiliate alternatives?

12 Minute Affiliate System, Lurn, and Super Affiliate System are some of the best Wealthy Affiliate alternatives.

Is Wealthy Affiliate outdated?

No. it is not outdated. However, you may find some content repetitive or of low value which is the case with any such sources.

What is affiliate marketing?

It is the process of promoting various products through which the affiliate earns a commission for each sale.