Modern Millionaires Scam Review; Is This Even Worth It?

Officless agency review

It is getting harder and harder for living a good lifestyle just from a full-time job. No wonder why people are continuously looking for ways to make money online.

It is here where platforms such as The Modern Millionaires present themselves as a solution. However, the internet is flooded with scams. Therefore, it is important to invest time and energy in the right place. Is the Modern millionaires a scam?

Let us find out whether the whole Modern Millionaires scam is true or not in this complete Modern Millionaires review. I have done extensive research on the topic. Read till the end to know how I found out the truth…

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What is Modern Millionaires?

The Modern Millionaires is a training platform that was created to empower people on making money online by running ads and generating sales.

Cause having a boss sucked. What a catchy tagline!

It focuses on teaching how to run ads on various sites like Google and Facebook to get sales and on scaling up a business. The whole system is based on PPC( Paid-Per-Click) campaigns.

At least, that is what they claim.

MM is also known as the Modern Middleman Agent Coaching program or as the Officeless Agency. So don’t get confused, they are all just the same.

Creators of Modern Millionaires

The creators of Modern Millionaires are two well-known Entrepreneurs: Chance Welton and Abdul Samad. But these guys were not so ‘well-known’ to me. So I googled them and the results were interesting; I couldn’t find anything proper about them.

Chance Welton and Abdul Samad image
Chance Welton and Abdul Samad

They also run a YouTube channel together named Chance and Abdul. So I thought I could find something there and went to the channel’s about page, and all I could find were some weird links and some self-praising claims about Abdul.

And that was it. I was facing a blank wall.

Definitely not something that one expects from the makers of a million-dollar business claiming to teach people how to start an officeless agency.

What is the Modern Millionaires all about

From what I found from their site, the platform helps in starting a so-called office-less agency. Through this office-less agency, one can run ads on Google or Facebook to get sales for different businesses out there to earn commissions on each sale.

To say, another form of affiliate marketing. To those who do not know what that means, Affiliate marketing in simple words is promoting various products and getting a commission for each sale made through a special link.

It may be also mentioned in this modern millionaires review that affiliate marketing is not a scam and is completely legit. Have a look at the best affiliate marketing training program and its alternatives…

Coming back to the point, Modern Millionaires claims to have an automated system for running PPC ads. This also includes email marketing copies and traffic generating sales funnels that Chance and Abdul used to become multi-million-dollar entrepreneurs.

Overview of the Course

How much do the Modern Millionaires cost?

The first module of the course costs around $9.94. It includes:

  • The Officeless Agency Video Training ( 2 hours)
  • Quick start secrets and guides
  • Proven $9450.00/month model of client funnel
  • Exploding niches research report
  • Guide on getting free flights and hotel rooms
  • 1 Hour private recession killer bonus training
Contents of the Modern Millionaires course

The course tells about creating an officeless agency, which does not require any staff members or buildings or anything, that is, purely online, to run paid billboard ads on search engines and websites for businesses(acting as a middleman).

Also, it goes into depth how Chance and Abdul succeeded in this, and how they often get free flight tickets, full cost covered holidays and free hotel rooms.

For those who feel confident enough, and as it costs only $9.94 for the first module, there is not much to worry about taking this one. Also, a 30-day money-back guarantee is offered in case anything goes wrong or if you find the whole middleman thing not worth it.

Benefits of the Modern Millionaires

If the course and lessons hold true to what they tell, then there are some great benefits this model offers over other methods of making money online:

  1. Easy to set up and run
  2. Simple and low maintenance
  3. Get-rich-quick solution
  4. Requires only a laptop and Internet connection
  5. Experience is not a central factor
  6. Autopilot system for generating sales

Disadvantages of the Modern Millionaires

Acting as a middleman running paid ad campaigns has its own disadvantages. Some of the cons are:

  • Paid ads require money input
  • High initial invests
  • Acting as a middleman is complicated
  • Unavailability of support
  • PPC is not as simple as it sounds
  • Advertisements often get flagged down
  • Finding perfect companies takes effort

Give a go for Wealthy Affiliate ; free, awesome, and my favorite! Learn step by step on how to make money online, from scratch.

How the Officeless Agency works

Every single business wants leads and sales, whether it is a footwear seller or software producer.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is by showing advertisements of the product or company where people are most likely to convert. These can be places like on the top of a search engine’s result page or on websites and social media networks such as Facebook. The more convincing and good-looking the ad is, the better the conversion is going to be.

This is what the Modern Millionaires is all about.

Mainly, the Officeless Agency is based on running such ad campaigns for those companies and businesses, and, for which in turn, receiving commissions for each sale that is made through the special links (affiliate links). These commissions can range from anywhere between 5 to 70%.

The main steps that are included in this process of acting as a middleman between the buyer and seller are:

1) finding businesses for promoting
2) buying advertisement spaces
3) setting up and running ads
4) earning commissions for each sale made

Where to buy ad spaces

There is no point showing them in places where users won’t even have a look. Therefore, it is important to run ads in proper places where the clicks per view are high.

Some of the best places to show ads are Facebook, Google, and Bing. The Modern Millionaires has an in-depth video lesson on researching this and implementing the most relevant ads using their automated system.

A sales funnel is also required as direct linking to the products is banned in almost all cases. This is provided by the course as per the details.

The Modern Millionaires Scam

Having done extensive research for writing this Modern Millionaires review, I came across some facts which make it clear that the Modern Millionaires is a scam in one or the other way:

1. The website as the main proof

This is how the official site of Middleman Agency looks:

modern millionaires scam review dashboard

Most of the buttons and pages do not exist. For example, the above button and FAQ button do not even work. These are just text tags and not real pages.

The only button that works is the ‘Where do I get started’ at the top right corner which leads to the price page of the program.

Also, I found many pages with randomly generated junk texts and default pages that are created by WordPress.

2. Fake testimonials

If the above is not enough, a dozen of fake testimonials, right on the front end of their official site, confirm the Officeless agency scam.

Every single one of the testimonials, by users claiming to have made thousands of dollars from the modern millionaires, is just a copy of the same spammy testimonial at the top. That is every testimonial is just the same and what differs is just the name and video of the user.

A clear copy-paste situation.

3. Reviews by actual users

The reviews left by the real and unfortunate users of Modern Millionaires are just an added bonus.

Most of the complaints are about the increasing cost as the program progresses. Many users complained that even though the amounts were low and affordable at the beginning stage, soon Chance and Abdul started demanding more and more money for resuming the use of the automated sales and ads system.

For some, the price even went up to $14,000. Some even quit their work as a middleman not being able to pay the pocket-burning prices. Simply not worth it.

4. Lack Of Explanation

Even though the price page talks about how setting up advertisements can be a very good and profitable method to earn money online, it doesn’t go into detail on how the Modern Millionaires system helps in this.

The main cost of the program is for accessing the automated system used by Chance and Abdul to run ad campaigns completely on autopilot. But not much information is available on how it works or what it does.

Another reason to conclude the Modern Millionaires scam thing.

5. Probably a pyramid scam

A pyramid scam is something where the user is trapped into paying more and more prices for accessing and using the features provided by the seller.

As for the case of MM, I suspect this to be just another pyramid scam. The whole point of the first module of the course is on how to use the Office less Agency model, which would probably require their software or application to run.

So even if you decide to quit after the first lesson, the money spent is probably a waste as the knowledge gained is not worth it and is of mostly no use elsewhere.

Summing up the reasons to quite MM:

  • Fake testimonials
  • Opinions from actual users
  • A website where only the price button works
  • Probability of being a pyramid scam
  • Lack of information regarding the program
  • Unavailability of support in case anything goes wrong

A note to the readers

It may be mentioned that I have not tested the Modern Millionaires myself. I have heard about some lucky ones having success stories and a good time with them. But from what I discovered, it is enough to conclude the Modern Millionaires scam. Give it a try if you feel confident enough.

Best Modern Millionaires Alternatives

As we already saw how the Modern Millionaires is a scam in this review, it is better to quit the program and look for a better one.

I have personally tried and tested all of the below and can assure you that every single one on this list is worth it. Besides, many of them are free and are definitely better than the Officleless Agency!

  1. Wealthy Affiliate ( The best place to learn affiliate marketing for free, my favorite)
  2. Affilorama ( Second choice after WA, also free )
  3. Super Affiliate System from John Crestani ( Good)
  4. Youtube ( dozens of them )
  5. Udemy courses ( most are free)
  6. 12 Minute Affiliate system

Wrapping Up

That was a long read, but definitely worth every bit.

It is very easy to get trapped on such spider webs, and the great thing is that the internet is flooded by countless ones. You would only realize it after getting your head completely chopped off.

So, it is important to invest money, time, and effort in the right place. There is no point or use in sticking to a platform if it turned out to be a scam.

Since we concluded the Modern Millionaires scam, a better solution would be to go for the alternatives I have mentioned above ( give a go for this one ). Also, feel free to explore the internet for more.

Please note it again that I haven’t tried the product myself, so results may vary. Also, the case I told about did not happen to everyone who took the curse.

Let me know by comments your thoughts on this Modern Millionaires review, aka the Officeless Agency, and if it worked for you or not.

Thanks for keeping up. See ya later.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)

What is The Modern Millionaires?

The Modern Millionaires is a business startup training program aiming to teach people how to make money online by running advertisements.

Is the Modern Millionaires legit?

Yes. It is legit and is based on a method of displaying advertisements to generate sales and leads for businesses.

Is Modern Millionaires a scam?

Yes. The Modern Millionaires is a scam as it turned out that every nine out of ten persons who used it had to pay a large amount of price to continue.

Is Modern Millionaires worth it?

No. The Modern Millionaires is not worth it as it turned out to be a scam. However, the business model it uses is quite brilliant.

Who created The Officeless Agency?

Chance Welton and Abdul Samad, two well-known entrepreneurs, created the Officeless Agency aka The Middleman Agency.