9 Best Free Funnel Builder For Affiliate Marketing To Skyrocket Income!

List and features of free funnel builder for affiliate marketing

Getting visitors and eyes on your business or website is indeed a hard task. It requires time, effort, and patience.

But what if none of them are useful? What if all those visitors are just visiting your site and then leaving, without converting into sales the way you want them to be?

Are you lokking for the best free funnel builder for affiliate marketing?

Getting conversions, is way more important than getting useless views. Without visitors buying products through your affiliate links, all your work can go in vain within a matter of time.

This is where sales funnel building comes in. These funnels, if properly set up, would guarantee you amazing conversion rates and will get you leads and sales which otherwise would not have happened.

There are many free funnel builders available online, but they are not all equal. Some have strong features that can be used to build quality funnels for affiliate marketing, while others are weak and don’t have the features you need. In this post, I want to share with you my top 9 list of the best free funnel builders for affiliate marketing.

Remember that a properly set up sales funnel can become the foundation of your whole affiliate marketing or blogging journey.

What is a sales funnel and a funnel builder software?

A sales funnel is a path that a prospect takes from being aware of your company or product to being a paying customer.

A sales funnel is the process of turning a visitor into a customer. It’s all about turning an initial interaction on your website into a relationship and then converting that relationship into a sale or lead.

You may not understand if this is explained this way. So let me give you an example scenario:

Imagine you are running a website on niche marketing and customer relationship. A visitor comes to your website somehow to see that:

  1. You have setup a form they can fill out with thier name and email address in exhange for a free guide on ‘How to stay connected with customers’.
  2. They give you their email and now reaches a page where the freebie guide in the form of a pdf that can be downloaded or a video that can be played.
  3. An hour later, they recieve an email from you about how this software (your affiliate product) can help you manage customers for free and how you have used it to build your business to what it is now.
  4. Those people who could simply have left your site at the first visit is instead now buying something through your affiliate link generating you leads and affiliate commissions.

There you go. See how easy that was yet how powerful for lead generation? Here, the free guide is the lead agent, something that you use as a magnet to attract visitors.

As you can see, a sales funnel consists of several steps:

  • Lead awareness – where people become aware of your website (or something like that)
  • Lead generation – where they provide their information for something in return (a lead magnet)
  • Lead nurturing – where you grow their trust and nurtute them for the final sale
  • Lead converison – where they are converted into customers
  • Closing the sale – when the transaction is finally comple and you recieve the commission

I am assuming that you are an affiliate marketer/blogger here but you get what I meant.

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Why you should build funnels for affiliate marketing

As you can see, building sales funnels have huge potential. They have the power to generate income beyond expectations and they work well for all businesses.

A funnel builder is simply a site or software which lets you create the funnel.

Here are some benefits of creating funnels with funnel builders for affiliate marketing:

  • They help in collecting emails from visitors
  • They turn visitors into customers
  • Sales funnel increases revenue for both businesses as well as affiliates
  • Easy to set up but amazingly powerful
  • The funnel can be repeated again to maximize profit
  • Better than directly linking to the affiliate product

Checkout some funnel building courses online at Udemy for learning more.

Top free funnel builders for affiliate marketing

As you already saw, a sales funnel is created using a funnel builder. Is there a free funnel builder? Of course.

There are both free and paid marketing funnel builders that can help you to create any kind of sales funnel from scratch. Here, I list out the best free funnel softwares that you can use to skyrocket your conversions:

1.Systeme IO

Systeme IO is the new kid on the block and is just amazing.

SystemeIO funnel builder dashboard

Being my favorite funnel builder, Systeme IO offers an awesome free plan that you can use to create and manage funnels, run webinars, set up your website, collect emails, run newsletters and campaigns, and many many more.

Systeme IO is used by well-known entrepreneurs from all over the world and has got everything you will ever need to completely automate your marketing.

Features of Systeme IO:

  • Free forever plan, meaning it won’t change to a paid plan in future
  • Ability to connect your personal domain
  • Free system-generated sub-domain
  • More than thousands of pre-made templates to choose from
  • Very easy for beginners as well as advanced
  • The powerful email sending system
  • Great automation rules with A/B split testing
  • Comes with a website builder
  • Integration with your favorite brands

And if you ever want to upgrade, the premium plans start as low as $27 per month.

2.Groove Funnels

Another great funnel builder, Groove Funnels has grown to become one of the best in this industry.

With features ranging from a free custom domain to unlimited bandwidth and hosting, Groove Funnels is one of the fastest growing tools for profitable marketing.

The best feature is that Groove, unlike many other funnel builders, does not rely on any other services to let you run your business. This means that you have got everything in one single place, which removes the need for a thousand different options to do one thing.

Run automated webinars, your own affiliate program, build brand new websites with completely no-cost hosting…nothing is impossible when it comes to building a funnel with Groove Funnels.

Features of Groove Funnels:

  • Ability to create websites and unlimited bandwidth
  • Email, SMS, Voice calls, and direct messages are possible
  • Availability of mobile app on play store
  • Setup a powerful e-commerce store without any hassle
  • High converting pre-designed and customizable templates
  • Built with SEO in mind
  • An all-in-one platform that eliminates the need of using any other services in addition

3.Get Response

Get Response sales funnel builder software dashboard

Get Response is an email marketing service as well as a sales funnel builder. Perhaps, it is the most famous email builder out there in the market today.

I myself have used Get Response and am very happy with it. Get Response comes with very powerful lead generation tools and can be easily used as eating a hot dog while sitting on your cushion.

What’s great about Get Response is the autoresponders that are well built into the platform, allowing you to automate the funnel from beginning to finish.

With the free plan, Get Response allows you to connect the platform with your won domain and lets you connect with 500 contacts. A 5GB monthly bandwidth is also available with many landing pages to choose from.

Features of Get Response:

  • The more power-packed email marketing system
  • Super popular all over the world with a great reputation
  • The clutter-free interface that lets you concentrate on work
  • Eye-catching landing pages to capture leads
  • Comes with signup-forms and contact forms minimizing the work for you
  • Around the clock customer support
  • Integrations with other brands and partners
  • Advanced management and tagging system

The basic paid plan starts at just $12.30 per month for 1000 subscribers and comes with every other feature.


If you are one of those guys who use WordPress as your CMS, then you are probably also a user of Elementor.

Elementor, originally a page builder made for WordPress, has grown out to become the one and only WordPress funnel builder you would ever need.

The free Elementor plan comes as a WordPress plugin and houses every single feature a sales funnel builder should have, along with the ability to build an awesome website layout for any kind of business.

Elementor integrates with almost any company you can think of, paving the way for a seamless experience as well as ease of use and functionality.

The best thing about this free funnel builder for affiliate marketing is that you would never have to even leave your website admin dashboard to set up an entire sales funnel, from scratch. Beautiful templates and the ability/freedom to customize them the exact way you need them to be is something that is not to be found elsewhere.

Features of the free Elementor page builder plugin include:

  • Comes as a WordPress plugin
  • Absolute freedom to customize anything the way you want
  • Award-winning community and availability of free tutorials
  • Live drag and drop editor that lets you preview everything on the go
  • Less time consuming and ridiculously small learning curve
  • Fast loading and built with performance in mind
  • 90+ widgets including rating stars to the backward time counter
  • Comes with the ‘Hello theme’, a lightweight WordPress theme

Upgrading to the cheapest plan would cost you only $49 for a whole year, and includes access to more than 60 pro templates as well as 90 more widget elements!


ConvertKit Email service and free funnel software features

ConvertKit is very similar to GetResponse that is used worldwide and works perfectly well, irrespective of how large or small your business or website is.

In addition to letting you build high converting sales funnels, ConvertKit enables you in hosting your own podcasts and webinars, which is great for generating more leads and conversions.

Build landing pages in minutes, provide readers with an easy way to subscribe to your email list, create hands-off automation to drive your marketing…ConvertKit nails all these seamlessly.

ConvertKit is one of my favorite tools and comes with great features:

  • It lets you host podcasts, not seen among others in this industry
  • Rich and customizable email designer aimed at helping you with beautiful email newsletters
  • Numerous automation rules with A/B split testing option
  • A rare collection of option forms and landing page templates
  • 24/7 customer support team to help you with anything
  • Perfect for any industry or niche
  • Unlimited landing pages and forms

The premium plan starts at $9 per month and lets you sell your own products.


Site123 is itself a complete website content management system and is a great free alternative funnel builder to those mentioned above.

Site123 provides its users with a-z tools. With Site123’s free plan, you can easily build a free sales funnel for your affiliate marketing campaign. Notable features include the ability to create unlimited funnels as well as an absolutely nailed email subscription management system that lets you send emails the way you want them to.

If you’re looking to build a business website, then you should know that some features are only available with a premium package, like connecting a custom domain, mailboxes, selling online, additional languages, etc.

You can start using the limited free version and your website will have a system-generated sub-domain. When you’re ready, you can upgrade and transform your website into a professional one.

Some features of SITE123 covers:

  • Live chat customer support system
  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • Greatly customizable elements
  • Quality templates with custom image availability

7.WIX Website Builder

Wis is an all-in-one alternative to WordPress and comes with a lot of functionality and hassle-free interface.

Wix is my personal favorite CMS after WordPress and gives you the freedom to create any type of website you want to. Advanced design options, unlimited fonts, SEO optimized websites…Wix covers almost everything a landing page funnel builder software should have.

The free plan lets you build stunning sales funnels and gives you access to a free logo maker, free SEO tools, and mobile-optimized option pages for your readers.

Wix’s features include:

  • An all-in-one platform
  • Mobile optimized website templates
  • Great functionality and design freedom


You may have probably seen Bitrix24’s advertisement in Google if you have searched for free funnel builders for affiliate marketing. Even though Bitrix does not come anywhere near as other funnel builders on this list, Bitrix too has got worthy to use stuff.

Bitrix24 focuses more on customer relationship management (CRM), teamwork, and collaboration rather than building funnels but yet has got many features:

  • Responsive website designs
  • CRM form designer
  • Image editor
  • One free website
  • 5Gb bandwidth
  • Ability to use own domain


Though Invovleme still has got to go more in terms of functionality, it is still a good choice for making funnels. The interface is a bit outdated and the email system does not work much well, but it is indeed free.

How do I create a sales funnel for free?

Creating a sales funnel is possible with any of the builders listed above, even though I recommend Systeme IO or Groove Funnels.

This is a detailed video explaining to you how you can easily create a sales funnel for free using Systeme IO that works well for affiliate marketing:

==> Click here to start making more income with Systeme IO<==

Free funnel builders for affiliate marketing: Conclusion

That was a long journey but is worth it. Building sales funnels are very important if you want to really succeed in making a passive income online through affiliate marketing or by selling your own digital product, and it requires a powerful tool that can handle the process easily and fast.

If you are stuck on budget, then go with Systeme Io, Groove Funnels, or ConvertKit. All these three platforms are free and help you in turning your visitors into buyers like magic and can ridiculously improve your conversion rates.

Make sure to create a lead magnet like a free guide in the form of a PDF or a tutorial video on your opt-in page to boost signups.

Remember: Affiliate marketing is itself a business…It requires hard work to conquer.

If you liked the article, don’t forget to leave your thoughts and opinions below. Sharing is caring too…

How much does it cost to build a sales funnel?

It can range from $50 a year to $500 a year, all depending on the features and functionality that is available. There are also free funnel builders available to do the job.

Do I need a funnel for affiliate marketing?

Though a funnel is not necessary for affiliate marketing, having one significantly can help in boosting sales and conversions. T sum up, if you want more income, make sure to build funnels

What is a landing page?

A landing page is that part of a website where visitors sign up for a freebie or offer in exchange for their email address. They must be SEO friendly, beautiful and must be optimized for mobile.