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Flodesk vs ConvertKit: What email service is the best pick for you in 2022?

Flodesk vs ConvertKit email service comparison

Email marketing is an inevitable part when it comes to running an online business, let it be for simply blogging or for a big e-commerce store.

Sending emails to your subscribers (like successful marketers do) helps you to stay in touch with them as well as build a huge audience who trusts you and your word, and enabling you to sell them offers that otherwise would not have been possible… ( Yes, money!!!)

And to ensure that your email marketing strategy and the list do not go in vain, using a reliable email service provider like ConvertKit or Flodesk is necessary.

But a lot of them come with almost similar features as well as similar pricing which makes it a lot hard to decide which is better to use…

As we were talking, between the battle of Flodesk vs Convertkit: Which is better to use?

In this post, I will break down and compare every single feature of both Convertkit and Flodesk, as well as pick a winner at last that you can readily go for without hesitating. After reading, you will know to decide what suits you or your business and how you can leverage the opportunity.

Let’s get started from scratch.

What is Flodesk?

Flodesk is an email marketing service provider that offers its users a ton of features for sending emails effectively and easily, including automation and custom-action turning sequences, and many more.

Flodesk email provider dashboard

Flodesk, even though a new kid on the block, has made its way to the email industry with its email sending features that are not seen elsewhere.

To write this review, I even signed up for the 30-day free trial (no credit card required) to test the platform.

Flodesk lets you design emails, create workflows, build marketing automation that works while you sleep, helps you in sending branded emails as well as integrates with other brands, and provides optimal user experience and so much more.

Flodesk houses powerful tools to enable you to do the email marketing part as smoothly as possible and comes with a lot of templates that are pre-built to choose from.

What is ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is an email marketing service that allows users to create landing pages, autoresponder sequences, and forms. It includes a drag and drop builder, A/B testing, and more. The service is geared toward bloggers but can be used for e-commerce as well. It’s also quite easy to use and comes with a lot of handy features.

ConvertKit website dashboard homepage

ConvertKit is simply one of my favorite email marketing tools and is trusted and used by millions of brands and individuals from all corners of the world, including me.

ConvertKit, unlike Flodesk, is a very old and established company that is well known to serve its users to the maximum extent.

Like Flodesk, ConvertKit also comes with a lot of awesome features, covering a landing page builder.

ConvertKit is not just an email marketing software, it is much, much greater than that.

Whether you are an affiliate marketer or running an online store, it has plans for you.

With ConvertKit, you can host your webinars, podcasts, and it even lets you start an e-commerce store from scratch.

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Flodesk vs Convertkit: The complete comparison

In this section, I will go through each and every feature, plan, and pricing of both ConvertKit and Flodesk, comparing each of them one by one in-depth. In the end, the individual winner for each section as well as the overall winner is declared to help you pick out the best.

With that, let’s begin.

Features compared

Both Flodesk as well as ConvertKit, as I already mentioned, houses a ton of features. We will see each of them in detail here.

The main features of ConvertKit include:

  • Ability to build high-converting landing pages
  • Create embeds and popup forms for placing on websites
  • Lets you create hands-free automation that works like magic
  • Send branded emails to your audience
  • Ability to host free downloads as a lead magnet
  • Comes with funnel building tools
  • Powerful analytics that gives insight into the audience
  • Lets you sell digital products or start an e-commerce store
  • Free migration from any other tool or service
  • Ability to host podcasts, publish ebooks, and run webinars

Best features that come with Flodesk:

  • A simple, easy to understand single plan
  • Freedom of designing the emails exact way as you need
  • Easy to use interface with minimalistic interactions
  • Comes with email auto-responders and automation flows
  • Large collection of beautifully built templates to use
  • Unlimited number of subscribers
  • Embeds, popups, and signup forms to maximize lead generation
  • Intelligent and distraction-free work mode

When it comes to features, without a doubt, ConvertKit tops Flodesk. While FLodesk is simply just another email service, ConvertKit is a very large platform that even lets you run an entire business online.

ConvertKit features list showing email system
The page displaying ConvertKit’s features

ConvertKit vs Flodesk: Which has got more features?

Both Flodesk and Convertkit come with automation rules that you can set up easily. While Flodesk manages this one pretty well, automation and autoresponders are more advanced in ConverKit.

But there is a catch. ConvertKit may seem overwhelming at first for beginners as it comes with many features. On the other hand, Flodesk has a minimalistic and easy-to-use interface that is straight to the point.

ConvertKit has a powerful landing page builder which Flodesk lacks, and this is crucial to winning your audience and for increasing conversion rates.

Winner: ConvertKit wins over Flodesk in case of features, and comes with the ability to offer free downloads, host podcasts and webinars, and lets you run a shop online, which Flodesk does not. Also, funnel building is available which is crucial for converting viewsers o customers.

Plans and Pricing comparison

When looking at Flodesk vs ConvertKit and their costs, the pricing too varies very much from each other.

Flodesk comes with a SINGLE plan, that costs $38 a month. This is where Flodesk is different from ConvertKit. ConvertKit on the other hand, has multiple pricing structures, depending on the features available and the number of email subscribers.

Flodesk email builder pricing with free trail

Flodesk offers a free 30-day trial that does not require a credit card to signup, and the user can use it just like they paid for it. After this period, you can upgrade to continue using the platform for $38 per month.

But ConvertKit has a great free plan that works pretty well and comes with almost all the features available in the premium plans. The maximum number of subscribers on your email list must be 1000 to use the free plan.

ConvertKit pricing with available features of each plan
ConertKit pricing table

The creator plan at ConvertKit starts from just $25 for 1000 subscribers and comes with automated funnels, live chat customer support, and free migration from other services in addition to the free one. The final plan is the ‘Creator PRO’ package and costs $50 for a whole month ( and comes with advanced user analytics, newsletter referral system, and subscriber scoring feature).

Think about it!

Flodesk at $38 for a month, or ConvertKit for $25 a month ( not to mention the no-cost plan)?

Winner: Without any hesitation, ConvertKit again tops Flodesk. While Flodesk offers a 30-day free trial, ConvertKit has a free package that is perfect for up to 1000 subscribers. After that, with just $25 a month for 1000 subscribers, ConvertKit is more affordable than Flodesk.

Email, designing and ease of use

And this is the most important part. What use is all the ‘stuff’ if ConvertKit or Flodesk does not deliver emails well?

Coming to email deliverability, both of the above platforms have a successful history of sending the emails on time, to the correct reader. There are a lot of automation rules available, and besides this, you can start your won campaigns and newsletters with Flodesk as well as ConvertKit.

For the designing of emails, I felt like Flodesk is much better. ConvertKit, even though it comes with great templates and customization, is not near Flodesk when it comes to giving the ‘designing freedom’.

Both have a large collection of layouts, sections, pre-made widgets, and much more to choose from. But still, Flodesk seems to deliver a more visual experience.

While ConverKit and Flodesk are easy to use, even for beginners, I liked ConvertKit as it has a more colorful and engaging theme that can significantly raise your mood. Flodesk looks dark and gloomy, but this is rather a personal opinion.

Winner: While Flodesk and ConverKit deliver emails perfectly, come with powerful automation rules, and beautiful templates, Flodesk is better at providing the freedom to design the emails, while ConvertKit is better overall look and feel.

Customer Support & Knowledgebase

This comparison between Flodesk vs ConvertKit would not be complete without mentioning their customer support (or the backbone of any brand).

Flodesk has a collection of articles written to help the users, crafted by the team themselves. ConvertKit, being so popular, in addition to the support articles and their own video tutorials, has a lot of other additional materials( Youtube is a good source) created by those outside the platform.

When it comes to the customer care system, Flodesk and ConverKit offer 24/7 around-the-clock support. ConvertKit staff seems more experienced than those of Flodesk’s, but there is not much difference.

Winner: While CovertKit and Flodesk have a dedicated section covering tutorials and articles to help you use the platform, great free ConvertKit tutorials are available in plenty on YouTube, again topping Flodesk.

Flodesk and ConvertKit Integrations

Who uses a single service to do something these days?

Like me, there is a big chance that you are using multiple platforms to run your blog or any online business. This is where integrations play a vital role.

This helps in running not only email marketing but your whole business more efficiently, which otherwise would have resulted in a lot of time and effort.

Coming to ConvertKit vs Flodesk, both integrate seamlessly with many famous brands like Shopify and Facebook.

ConvertKit has a dedicated section telling about its integrations. They also have detailed guides on how you should connect as well as an option to reach out for a custom API option. Here is the full list.

ConvertKit integrations let you connect with:

  • Squarespace
  • Teachable
  • Shopify
  • Pabbly connect
  • Monday.com
  • Debounce
  • Typeform
  • With Facebook, Squarespace, Paypal, Tublr, and Google calender and much more with the association of Zapier
  • Many more

Flodesk integrates with:

  • Instagram
  • Zapier ( Facebook, Paypal, Tumblr, Woocommerce, Google Sheets, Slack, and more)
  • Shopify

As we can see, ConvertKit has more integrations available than Flodesk. As ConvertKit is a popular and multi-million dollar brand, this is not a surprise to see when compared with Flodesk.

However, if you are not using any of the above-mentioned services or use Zapier, then there is not much of a difference this can make to the email marketing provider.

Flodesk integrations with Zapier
Flodesk integrations with Zapier

Also, ConvertKit lets you build custom APIs, and has put together a lot of bits and pieces that you will need to connect ANY service ever.

Winner: While Flodesk manages to connect with Zapier, Shopify, and Instagram, ConvertKit has a relationship with many additional brands and services like Teachable, and has a custom API integration module, again winning the race.

And finally, which email provider is better?

That totally depends on who you are and what your use is.

If you prefer a simple, minimalistic, straight-to-the-point email marketing service platform that is affordable, then Flodesk is the way to go. With Flodesk, you also have no limits for the number of subscribers or the number of landing pages.

If you want to take your whole business, website, or email marketing beyond just content creation and another level, then ConvertKit is the best. ConvertKit is bigger than Flodesk when you consider the platform as a whole.

Flodesk is built with individual users in mind, while ConvertKit works well for both small and big businesses.

If you are on a tight budget and are looking for a free email builder and provider, then ConvertKit’s free plan is great, and it lets you send emails to 1000 subscribers.

KEY TAKEAWAY: This comparison should be a great resource for anyone looking to make the switch from Flodesk to ConvertKit or vice versa. They both have a lot of similar features, but different pros and cons. So what are the differences between these two platforms? Which platform is more cost-effective? What about their email automation functionalities? Hopefully, this article has provided you with some answers.

To wrap things up

We just finished the Flodesk vs ConvertKit battle, and even at this stage, it is hard to decide which is the real winner.

From a general viewpoint and taking my personal opinion, I would really suggest ConvertKit over Flodesk, whether you are an individual blogger or the head of an international company.

While ConvertKit focuses more on content creation than designing emails, Flodesk gives you a much more great visual experience with your emails. But considering that the content is still the king, that is just another reason to go with ConvertKit.

Also, managing different services together is more efficient, as ConvertKit comes with lots of integrations and native features.

If you still want to try the Flodesk platform, you can signup for the 30-day completely free trial like I did which requires no credit card. After that, if you are happy, then you can continue with Flodesk or move to ConvertKit.

Whatever you do, please don’t take the next one day trying to think about what you should go for. It is actions that do magic, not the thinking!

With that said, I hope you enjoyed the article. Do not forget to comment on your opinions about ConvertKit or Flodesk…and which worked for you:)

FAQs: ConvertKit vs Flodesk

How much does Flodesk costs for a month?

Flodesk comes with a single plan that costs $36 per month with email marketing and lets you have unlimited subscribers and automation workflows.

How do I switch from Flodesk to ConvertKit?

ConvertKit has got a free migration service and the staff on contacting would switch your emails and subscribers from Flodesk to ConvertKit at no cost.

Is ConvertKit a free or paid software?

ConvertKit is a cloud-based email builder that offers both free and paid plans for its customers. With the free plan, it is possible to have up to 1000 subscribers, unlimited landing pages and automation is also available.

Flodesk or ConvertKit; which is better?

Flodesk is good for individual bloggers or affiliate marketers but ConvertKit has got more complex and robust features. Automations are more powerful and intelligent with ConvertKit while Flodesk has great flexibility and design freedom.

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