14 Best Autoresponders For ClickFunnels That Can Skyrocket Your Income Today!

List of the best autoresponders for ClickFunnels to use with

If you are looking to generate more leads and increase the conversion rate for your ClickFunnels campaigns, then autoresponders are the best way to do that.

Think about it.

Automated emails welcoming your subscribers…sending them deals and offers..thanking them for a sale they made…reminding them of your programs and helping you to build relationships and trust with your audience…that is going to be a game changer for any online business, including affiliate marketing.

In this post, we will look at the best autoresponders for ClickFunnels and their features as well as answer some questions regarding using autoresponders.

We will cover:

  • What they are
  • Why you should use them
  • How to integrate them
  • How to make the maximum out of them
  • What to keep in mind during the process

And many more. Use this table of contents to make your way around.

What are Autoresponders?

Autoresponders are automated emails that are sent out to subscribers in predefined time intervals. They are used for lead generation, funnel building, and many other purposes in the marketing industry.

Autoresponders are the answer to the age-old question, “Why didn’t they sign up?” Did you know that only 1 in 10 visitors will convert without an autoresponder sequence? With so many industries using AI to automate their marketing efforts, there is no reason not to use autoresponders for your business.

They can do magic, especially when building landing pages or funnels in builders like ClickFunnels that drive traffic and can significantly increase conversion rates.

Here are some benefits of using autoresponders:

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Build relationships and trust among the audience
  • Helps in upselling or reselling a product
  • This leads to more income
  • Easy to set up and run
  • Is completely passive and requires only the initial setup
  • Runs on autopilot while you sleep

Why you should use autoresponders with ClickFunnels

clickFunnels funnel builder website

ClickFunnels is an application created to make sales funnels that engage customers to make a purchase. Even though the platform is well on its own, they lack a powerful email system like Active Campaign or Hubspot.

Does ClickFunnels Have an autoresponder?

Yes, they do. It’s called Actionetics (weird name). Actionetics is a great option but it still lacks giving that feeling of using an email autoresponder and comes with many limitations, including the lesser number of pre-made templates and the limited workflow rules.

As already mentioned, a sales funnel builder like ClickFunnels is almost useless without an autoresponder, and so is the case here.

If you are investing your time and energy into something (especially online), then why not do it the proper way?

We have already gone through the benefits…its time to take action and choose one.

Best autoresponders for ClickFunnels ranked and reviewed

Here is the list of the top ClickFunnels autoresponders including both free and paid ones:


ConvertKit website dashboard homepage

ConvertKit is one of the best autoresponders ever created, not just for ClickFunnels but it works seamlessly for even big businesses. ConvertKit is very easy to integrate with ClickFunnels and does not require any coding or professional technical work.

ConvertKit has a great email autoresponder system. It can help you to send emails in the correct sequence and comes with automated email funnels to increase the engagement of the readers.

The automation workflow that you can set up with ConvertKit is very advanced, and the entire sequence can be customized from base according to the actions of your subscribers.

To integrate ConvertKit autoresponder with ClickFunnels, all you have to do is to signup for ConvertKit, then copy your API key from the account settings and then paste it in the integrations tab of ClickFunnels. If done correctly, ClickFunnels would tell you.

If you want a more detailed explanation, then see this guide on how to integrate ClickFunnels with ConvertKit.


The free plan of ConverKit lets you make a list of up to 1000 subscribers and comes with almost all the features (no automation). After that, prices start from $25 per month for 1000 subscribers with more options available to use.

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Sendinblue marketing automation showcase

SendInBlue is one of the most popular email marketing providers out there. There are millions of ways you can automate your business with SendInBlue, and using SendInBlue as the autoresponder with ClickFunnels is a very good choice.

Besides just sending automated emails to your subscribers, Sendinblue can also be used to create landing pages, subscription forms, and comes with great and beautiful-looking templates. The platform is also very easy to use, with a minimalistic interface.

SendInBlue comes with a simplified and powerful email system and is easy to integrate with ClickFunnels. All you have got to do is to signup for a free Zapier account ( if you prefer to send leads from ClickFunnels directly to SendInBlue, otherwise embeds are available) and then connect in a single click.


The free plan at Sendinblue lets you add unlimited contacts to your list( with 300 emails per day limit), and comes with many powerful features. If you do not mind paying, then the plans start as low as $25 for 10000 subscribers, with A/B split testing.


Get Response autoresponder software dashboard

GetResponse is one of the best autoresponders for ClickFunnels that you can easily rely on for hard work. With GetResonse, sending automatic emails is a solid choice.

GetResponse comes with powerful design tools and email templates, easy to use drag and drop editor, and lets you create an intelligent automation system depending on every single action done by your subscribers.

Send follow-up emails, nurture your email list…nothing is impossible with GetRepsonse as your email autoresponder. There are numerous triggers available to start the sequence compared to other platforms.

The best thing about GetResponse is that you can directly connect ClickFunnels with GetResponse from the integrations tab. Copy API key, paste it, and be done.


The free plan at GetResponse is a no-brainer and comes with an auto-responding feature for up to 500 contacts. For 1000 contacts, the price starts as low as $12.3 a month (including unlimited website builder and landing pages).

4.Constant Contact

Whether you are looking to turn your email subscribers into leads and sales or looking to run ad campaigns to boost sales, Constant Contact has got a plan for you.

With Constant Contact, it is easy as making a tea to create powerful email funnels and autoresponders, and especially when associated with ClickFunnels can do magic.

You can customize and send dynamic emails based on various triggers, like a subscriber joining a group or signing up for a free lead magnet. There is also an option available to resend emails to those who have not opened them, which can increase engagement rates.

ClickFunnels can integrate with the whole Constant Contact platform natively, meaning you don’t have to run for Zapier or any other software to do it. The options are available on the dashboard of ClickFunnels.


The plans at Constant Contact begin at $20 per month well as $45 a month, depending on the features that come with and the number of subscribers on your list. However, there is also a free option to use Constant Contact for one month, with all the features from other plans.

5.Active Campaign

Active Campaign is one of the best email autoresponders for ClickFunnels that is available in the industry today. The platform is so good that ClickFunnels themselves have made an integration natively with Active Campaign for users to directly connect both.

Active Campaign houses an amazing automation system that is worth mentioning here. After signing up for Active Campaign and creating the automation for the first time, you would wonder how you were able to survive without using this email marketing provider, which now handles your entire business itself without your need!

As I already mentioned, Active Campaign can be natively integrated with ClikFunnels right from the dashboard. The automation is very smart and comes with routes and sequences that you yourself would not have thought of.


Active Campaign is a very affordable platform, with plans starting at just $21.75 for 1000 contacts including automation rules. There is no limit to the number of emails that you can send and supports affiliate marketing as well.


Aweber autoreponder website front page

Thanks to Aweber and ClickFunnels, email marketing is no longer a humungous task as you thought it was.

Build customer loyalty, send personalized emails with brand logo, resend to those who do not engage, easily create beautiful templates with the drag and drop template builder, automatically respond to your customer’s queries…Aweber is really a solid name in the world of Internet marketing.

One of the best things about Aweber is that they have specialized in sending emails directly to the primary inbox, and even if you send spam accidentally, there is no way it is going to land on the JUNK folder.

Aweber, like CovertKit and Active Campaign, can be natively integrated with ClickFunnels to ease the email auto-responding process.


The email automation is available with the free plan but is more advanced and structured in the PRO plan which costs just $26.15 for up to 2500 subscribers, which makes Aweber an affordable platform.


Who hasn’t heard of MailerLite?

MailerLite is simply another autoresponder that can be used with ClickFunnels as well as any other service. Even though you cannot integrate MaileLite with ClickFunnels directly, there is a lot of third-party services available to do the job, or there are embeds and popups available which can be used with WordPress or any other websites.

I myself am a user of the MailerLit platform as of writing this and am very fond of the automation rules and the simplistic interface which makes it feel so comfortable to work with.

MailerLite comes with great email automation funnels, and you can create newsletters and campaigns by separately tagging each user. The sequences are pretty easy to build and are very intelligent.


Mailerlite, with the mail autoresponder and with all other features, is available for free for up to 1000 subscribers. After that, the paid plan costs just $15 for 2500 contacts…perfect and affordable!


Hubspot is a fully developed CRM as well as an email marketing service provider. The service comes with funnel building, course hosting, as well as with advanced tools that can boost sales.

Hubspot’s autoresponder is easy to use, even if it’s your first time with email automation. The great thing about HubSpot is that with Hubspot, you have access to the world’s best analytics tools.

As I already mentioned, Hubspot is a very large CRM software, and has world-class support as well as gives you access to powerful tools that can even change your customer’s journey into the exact way you want it to be.

Hubspot can be connected with ClickFunnels. When you get all tools under one roof, that is going to be definitely a game-changer, and pairing Hubsoprt autoresponder with Clickfunnels is a no-brainer.


The free plan comes with email marketing, while the paid ones begin with the Starter package priced at $45 per month and includes form builder and a live chat option to boost sales.


Trusted by popular brands like TedX and Vogue, Moose is indeed an amazing autoresponder with powerful functionalities that you can use for ClickFunnels.

Moosend, like most other email marketing providers, comes with a drag and drop email editor, A/B testing, list segmentation, and data analytics, and is GDPR compliant.

Landing pages and email templates created with Moosend are fast to load and are easily customizable and flexible. What is great with Moosend for automation with ClickFunnels (or for any other need) is that Mossend has already crafted many automation sequences for its users to use, which means you do not have to come up with genius ideas or waste time thinking for the perfect roadmap.

Moosend has multiple triggers, advanced personalization settings, accessible reporting, and even comes with conditional clauses plus the normal and/or blocks, which makes it a perfect choice for upsells and resells.

There is even an option to merge paths somewhere in the middle of the workflow, and this can come in handy when building sales funnels efficiently.

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The free plan from Moosend supports 1000 subscribers well and comes with all of the core features of the platform. For the same amount of contacts, their most popular plan, the PRO one costs $8 a month and provides a landing page builder, live chat support, and more.


Email Octopus automation sequence image

If you want an affordable email autoresponder to build your email list that has almost all the features available like others in the industry do, then Email Octopus is the way to go.

Email Octopus focuses more on marketing automation, which can be seen right from their dashboard- welcome new subscribers, warm up the relationship, nurture your list..it has the ability to create a new journey for the customer.

Creating autoresponders for Clickfunnels in Email Octopus is an extremely simple task and requires almost no prior experience. YOu can also tailor your messages according to the situation by making use of the advance analytic metrics, including open rates, click-through rates, and more of your emails.


If you are on a budget, thenEmailOctopus is one of the best free autoresponders for ClickFunnels. In the free plan, you can have up to 2500 subscribers with 10,000 emails per month limit. After that, it costs $24 per month and supports 5000 contacts.


SendPulse is a big name in the mail marketing world and is trusted by large brands like Puma and Samsung for their campaigns.

With Sendpulse, it is possible to send transactional emails and chat with your prospects. Actions come including abandoned cart reminders, purchase emails, thank you, confirmation mail, and much more.

SendPluse has created an automation system, known as the Autonmation360, and as assumed from the name is very flexible and comes with power-packed and simplistic sequences and rules. What makes SendPulse different from others is the chatbot system, which if leveraged rightly can create wonders in your business.


The free plan is limited to just 500 subscribers. The most popular SendPulse plan starts from $11.25 for 1000 contacts and gives complete access to all the features included in the SendPluse platform, and is cost-friendly.


MailChimp is the best autoresponder for ClickFunnels if you do not mind the pricing or the affiliate disengagement with the no-cost package.

Mailchimp, it must be told, could have easily won the most powerful free autoresponder award if was not for their dislike to affiliate marketers or sending affiliate links in your emails. However, the paid plans are awesome and definitely tops most other companies.

Transaction emails, behavior-based automation, date-based automation, event-based automation..you can even send your list beautifully designed postcards depending on the occasion.

The built-in SMTP feature makes sure that your emails are delivered to the inbox, and not in the promotions or spam tab, which often happens among other providers.

Mailchimp can be integrated with ClickFunnels right from the integrations tab at the ClickFunnels dashboard, allowing you to directly send leads without depending on any third-party software.


The free Mailchimp package supports 2000 contacts, comes with CRM software, a website builder, and a free Mailchimp domain name. The Essentials plan costs just $9.99 a month for up to 500 contacts and includes A/B split testing and custom branding.


OmniSend is another email marketing service that offers handy stuff like marketing automation and includes SMS-email cross-targeting feature.

With the pre-made workflow sequences, you n longer have to spend time creating the best flow as it comes with categories including the welcomes series, product or cart abandonment, order confirmation, advanced A/B split testing, and reporting.

OmniSend is a perfect choice and a must-have tool, if you are a user of sales funnel builders like ClickFunnels. What I like about OmniSend is that you can get so personal with your clients or subscribers, especially by making use of the advanced analytics module.


Automation workflows, pre-built templates, pop-ups, sign-up forms, A/B testing are all available in the free plan that supports 250 subscribers. After that, the paid one costs $20 a month for 1000 subscribers with 12,000 emails and up to 60 SMS marketing campaigns.


Flodesk email provider dashboard

I have used Flodesk and Flodesk too is an awesome email autoresponder for ClickFunnels, if you prefer straightforward plans.

Flowdesk comes with almost all the auto-responding features you will ever need. Flodesk is the best option if you like to give your users a visual treat- I have not seen any other platform which lets you create such beautiful-looking email templates or landing pages with all the design freedom you can ever have in the world.

With Flodesk, you can send emails to non-openers, create sequences and funnels based on customer interaction, and deliver emails…all while you sleep without even moving a finger.


Flodesk has a simple. straightforward single plan- $38 per month. And you get everything unlimited! There is also a free 30-day trial that comes with all the features in the paid plan. This is very affordable as you would have to pay from anywhere like $100 a month with all the features.

How to integrate autoresponders with ClickFunnels

We already saw the list of the best autoresponder for ClickFunnels. Now it is time to learn how to integrate these together for maximum efficiency.

ClickFunnels can natively integrate with many famous autoresponders as well as other services such as webinar platforms, and this can be done through the integrations page that is available when on the drop-down menu of the account settings.

Integrating autoresponders is a secondary choice. Now, as I already pointed here and there, every email provider I listed here comes with embeds that you can embed anywhere on a site, especially on landing pages.

Then there is Zapier, which lets you connect almost anything online with any other service or software. I am a fanboy of Zapier and it is a must-have tool if you are really into your marketing business.

Here is a detailed Youtube video explaining how to integrate the ConvertKit autoresponder with ClickFunnels to give you a general idea:


There we go. That was a long read.

Using an email autoresponder has its own benefits that cannot be replaced by any other methods. They run on autopilot while you are in your bed sleeping or watching Netflix.

To sum up, here are the top autoresponders for ClickFunnels:

  1. ConvertKit
  2. SendinBlue
  3. GetResponse
  4. Constant Contact
  5. Active Campaign
  6. Aweber
  7. Mailerlite
  8. Hubspot
  9. Moosend
  10. Email Octopus
  11. SendPulse
  12. Mailchimp
  13. Ominsend
  14. Flodesk

Make sure to create the perfect sequence for your audience and follow the general best practices properly to generate the maximum yield.

If you have any thoughts on email autoresponders or ClickFunnels, leave them below so that fellow people can see what you have got in store…

FAQs on email autoresponders and ClickFunnels

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a web-based sales funnel builder, designed to help businesses and entrepreneurs save time and money while creating better converting, more professional digital marketing funnels.

Does ClickFunnels have an autoresponder?

Yes. The native autoresponder ClickFunnels have is called Actionetics and it comes as a separate package with separate pricing of $97 a month.

What is the best and cheapest autoresponder?

The cheapest and affordable autoresponder is MailerLite, as it comes with the core features and is free for up to 1000 subscribers. After that, it just costs $15 for 2500 contacts and comes with advanced features like A/B split testing.

How do I integrate autoresponders with ClickFunnels?

To integrate any autoresponder with ClickFunnels, sign up for the preferred one, copy the API key and then paste it in the correct field available in the ClickFunnels integrations dashboard.