12 Best 000webhost alternatives to host your website in 2021

Best 000webhost alternatives list

Alright. So you have decided to start rolling with a website! If you are reading this, you would already have tried your luck with 000Webhostapp only to see how much it sucked.

So you came here in the hope of finding some 000webhost alternatives.

That’s alright. Beautiful design and attractive features do not mean 000webhost is for everyone.

Hosting your website properly is one of the most crucial parts of running a blogging or marketing business. Absolutely, there is no going down or compromise thingy for this.

Does 000Webhost do not meet your needs mean the end of the line?

Nope. There are a whole bunch of alternatives to 000webhostapp you can choose from.

I have included both paid and free alternatives in this list that I surely think would suit for hosting any website, let it be big or small.

Read to know more.

What is 000webhost?

000Webhost, also knows as 000webhostapp, is a child service from the famous web hosting provider Hostinger. 000Webhostapp offers free hosting for websites, including MySQL and PHP modules that is necessary for running a WordPress website.

000webhost website dashboard

Features of this famous company include free web hosting, 1 website, Limited 3GB bandwidth, a poor template builder. These are pretty much it and there are not many other pros to mention.

Thinking of moving from 000webhost? You are not alone. If you are still not convinced but interested in knowing more, you can check this 000webhost review from HostAdvice.

Why you should stay away from 000webhost

Because you do not even own the website you just created. That is just one cone of using things without spending any money.

Hostinger, as you may already found out, uses 000webhost just as a promotion for getting users to signup for the original plans.

000webhost does not value the customers and just exists to somehow make you buy the main hosting plans from its parent company.

Some serious drawbacks of 000webhost

Before starting to use 000webhost as your primary web hosting provider, it’s best to understand and know what those limitations are to completely trash it.

Fine. There is no way you are going to find something that is not going to have any cons, but this has got so many that I would move away:

  • A big, fat ugly banner at the bottom showcasing the brand
  • Crap customer support (which is vital, especially if you are a beginner)
  • An ad displaying WordPress dashboard
  • Poor server resources
  • Limited bandwidth and storage space
  • No control panel such as CPanel, but a crappy dashboard

There are 1000 other reasons to stay away, but I am stopping this here.

You may find that I have included other free hosting providers on this list, but all are somehow better than this one anyway.

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The best 000webhost alternatives as of 2021

Having a website is an integral part of any business today. However, to be able to attract visitors and make sales, you need good web hosting. The problem is that the web has become such a competitive place that it’s hard to find and select the best ones.

There are several 000webhost alternatives out there to choose from and we’ll go over them below in detail:

1.Wealthy Affiliate

I am a huge fan of this amazing platform. Whether you are just starting out or are already a pro player, Wealthy Affiliate has got all the stuff for you.

You can get easily started for free, so there is no need to burn down your pockets.

Hosting a website with Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice you have got. Not only this, but WA also offers a free domain name, tons of awesome and well done training on blogging and affiliate marketing, and even helps you build your way to success.

I would also recommend that you join Wealthy Affiliate even if you are already running a website to make use of their great keyword research tool Jaaxy.


One of my favorite and the best hosting company out there.

Bluehost may not be free like 000webhost, but it’s the cheapest and the best in the hosting industry. With just $2.95 per month for shared hosting, Bluehost is indeed a rare and unique beast. Unlike WA, Bluehost provides only hosting and domain services.

You even get a free domain for 1 year with Bluehost!

Top features:

  • 50 GB SSD storage
  • Free website builder
  • Custom templates and themes
  • Free domain name
  • 24/7 support in case something goes wrong

If you are planning to run your website using WordPress, Bluehost has got managed WordPress hosting so that you can sit back and enjoy while the technical stuff is being taken care of.


SystemeIO CMS dashboard

According to Systeme IO, the new kid on the block, there are 6 tools you need to launch, grow and scale your online business….and Systeme.io has got it all.

Completely for FREE!

Systeme.io is not just better than 000webhost, it is something way beyond that. Covering every single tool and resource one would ever need, Systeme.io has got its own web hosting and content management system.

What makes it better than every other platform of its kind? Because Systeme has the ability to do it all in just one place:

  • Website builder and hosting
  • Email marketing tools
  • Affiliate marketing automation
  • Sales funnel builder
  • Online courses
  • And more…much much more!


Another 000webhost alternative to cosnider. To be frank, Infinity Free Host is one of the only free website hosting providers that I would rely on. They have been leading the industry for more than a decade with some great and useful features you won’t even get anywhere else for no cost.

What I like about them is that they also offer a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate from trusted services like LetsEncrypt that is of utter importance.

Benefits of Infintyfreehost includes:

  • It is the fastest free hosting
  • Unlimited storage space
  • 99.9% uptime
  • No forced ads
  • Free SSL certificate


Googiehost free web hosting

A mighty and worthy opponent to 000webhostapp. Googiehost has been hosting websites for free since 2011 and has hosted more than 215,790 websites from all over the world.

Googiehost was featured on TechRadar, yahoo, HostAdvice, Forbes, and more. There are a ton of features and benefits of using Googiehost that would be out of the scope of this post to cover.

Why Goggiehost is a considerable alternative to 000webhost:

  • No cost website builder
  • SSL certificates
  • No ads or brand logos
  • CPanel control panel
  • Free subdomain
  • 100GB bandwidth
  • Round the clock support


Not much different from InfinityFreeHost mentioned above, except that you don’t get an SSL certificate. Profreehost is a great option if you do not like 000webhost, and comes with a domain name.

In case of limitations, there are not much but do not expect a 100% uptime. The server is known to go down now and then.

A reason to use Profreehost is that they have got this cool drag and drop website builder(if you are using WordPress, this is not of much use) with a lot of fully customizable templates to choose from.


Offering both free and paid web hosting, AwardSpace surely deserves the name. It has got 16 years of experience in the field with many satisfied customers.

Though I don’t like the user interface, that does not mean it fails in competing with 000webhostapp. 100% ad-free, one-click CMS installer, 99.9% uptime…AwardSpace is good enough to get started.

What I personally experienced and like the most is AwardSpace’s customer support. It is awesome and they are ready to help you 24/7 if you are stuck with something.

With AwardSpace’s no-cost plan, your website can serve around 5000 visitors per month.


One of the best 000webhost alternatives, Freehosting.com lets you host any website without cost.

Unlike some of the other hosting providers mentioned above, with this one, your website is 100% online and is available all of the day.

However, it must be noted that even though they provide almost everything you would need to get started, a free subdomain is unavailable. This means that you must buy a domain name with registrars like GoDaddy to host with this company.


The name may seem weird, but that does not let x10hosting from serving its users. With 10 years of solid presence in the industry, x10hosting has managed to secure a place on this list.

x10hosting may not be better than 000webhost, but it is completely free and is going to be so. This means that you can trust x10hosting with your content for the years to come.

What makes x10hosting special is the availability of the pre-made customizable templates, which are over 150 in number and covers every field that you can imagine.


Not as good as others, still Freehostia does the job. There is not much to say about the features Freehostia offers, but some include:

  • 250mb disc space
  • 6GB monthly traffic( approximating 5000-7000 visotrs per month)
  • 5 domain spaces
  • 10 MB MySQL storage

I am not aware of any other and would recommend Freehostia over 000webhost only if you are so desperate.


Aye! I know the design sucks but there is not much choice since you want to save some pennies.

FreeWebHosting area is OK to just get started as a beginner. Other than that, there are not many great things to count on. But you get to select from a wide variety of subdomains:)


Here comes the big guy. Hostinger owns 000webhost, but it is just one of their plan.

Hostinger website plans

It may seem funny that the Hostinger themselves is competing with 000webhost, but if you Google the top 10 web hosting companies in the World, Hostinger is going to be there. It is an absolute beast and an ideal choice to host any website.

The only reason Hostinger is at the bottom of this list is that they are not free, but the best shared hosting plans are secure with them:)

With the cheapest plan starting at just $1.39 per month, Hostinger is one of my favorites. You get:

  • Free domain
  • 100GB bandwidth
  • SSL certificates
  • 30Gb massive storage space
  • Managed WordPress solution
  • World class support

And with that ends our list of the best 000webhost alternatives.

Before you signup with any of these, you will have to permanently delete your website at 000webhost to continue. But assuming that things did not go well with them, it’s safe to delete without backing up.

Choosing how to host your website is important

If you have a website, then it is of vital importance to deal with hosting( storing web files somewhere so that they can be accessed, or visited).

It’s one of the trickiest and most frustrating parts of building a website. You need to make sure that your site loads quickly, stay secure, and doesn’t get hacked. If it fails at any of these things, your business will suffer.

Ever heard of the saying you get what you paid for?

You should choose a host that offers high uptime (the amount of time that your site is online) and security protection (you never know when someone might try to break into your site). Hosting companies like BlueHost and Hostinger (the 000webhost alternatives I already mentioned) offer all these benefits.

Remeber, Cheap is always BETTER than free.

To wrap things up

To be frank, hosting any website for free is not worth the time. The same thing APPLIES with 000webhost too.

We just saw why 000webhostapp SUCKS and the alternatives you can choose.

As a beginner, you may easily get frustrated but once you understand how everything works, then the puzzles will join themselves together.

To conclude, try to host your website with reliable and trusted services like BlueHost or Hostinger, or with WA or Systeme IO.

Also, make sure to choose WordPress as your content management system.

In the meantime, comment and leave your thoughts below so that I can hear your story and opinions. Excitedly waiting to hear back the success stories from those who tried any of these alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 000webhost?

000Webhost, also knows as 000webhostapp, is a child service from the famous web hosting provider Hostinger. 000Webhostapp offers free hosting for websites, including MySQL and PHP modules that is necessary for running a WordPress website.

What are the best 000webhost alternatives?

Bluehost, Hostinger, and InfinityFreeHost can be considered to be some of the best alternatives to 000webhostapp.

Why does 000webhost suck?

Because it is a free hosting provider and does not value its users but exists there just to get people to buy or upgrade to costly plans.

How can you delete a website from 000webhost?

After logging in, click on the delete forever button present at the top right corner of the dashboard where the website properties can be viewed.