Hello there! Finally, we meet. I know that You are more familiar with me as the restless guy, and I like to keep it that way. Yes, I am restless as my name says, mainly because I like to be and it sounds fun too.

My real name is Goutham Krishna. From a young age, I liked to be productive. After reading Rich Dad Poor Dad from Robert Kiyosaki, that just became something like a permanent part of my life.

Life was normal and it was then that the idea of starting a website suddenly popped into my mind from nowhere, and that saw the birth of this site, and since then, all my efforts were concentrated on building this blog to what it is now and still continues to do so.

I had a clear intention of choosing my nickname and the name of this blog- therestlessguy. To showcase the feeling of being restless, and make people understand the power of money and how productivity can make one a millionaire.

As I said earlier, realizing that all successful people in the world were continuously looking for ways to become more productive, I have made this website a powerful medium of communication between the world and me.

I am not niche-specific but mainly write about ways to make money online, affiliate marketing, product reviews, WordPress guides, blogging, being productive, and almost everything that comes to my mind that I find would provide value to the readers.

That is it for now. I am continuously working on improving this blog, so I cannot sit here and write the about section for all day. Feel free to explore the blog and immerse yourself.

I would be looking for feedback. Hope you have a nice day.

And thanks for taking the time and courage to listen to what I had to say, not everyone finds it entertaining!

The Restless Guy